Wednesday, November 9, 2011

onset of twenty-eight

apparently, this is what twenty-eight looks like:

Now that I am twenty-eight years old, it is time to own up to my 27 Things to Do During my 27th Year list.  I nearly made it.  Check it out.  It should be noted that I created the list at the tail end of February last year, so technically, I had 8 months to complete my 27 goals instead of the typical 12.  Considering all this, I am pleased.

Highlights of My 27th Year:

Finding out that my cousin who was last seen during childhood fifteen years ago
was alive and well, and then beginning a lovely letter-writing friendship

Seeing my beautiful cousin, Kristin, marry her love, Curtis

Christmas holidays and time with relatives

Seeing Traces, live, for B's birthday and
making the Brittany's 23rd Birthday Game Show

Celebrating the anniversary of our friendship with Micah Engel
at Green Oak Ranch, where we first met our future life-long friend

Attending the Not For Sale Global Forum for Anti-Human Trafficking with B

and the hardest part:

In Loving Memory of

Kiichiro Taniguchi
January 22, 1975 ~ October 31, 2011


Bryan Schnebelt said...

Got a little teary-eyed at that list for multiple reasons. Life is amazing, hard, empowering, a struggle, and most important, full of love.

Kristin said...

Just got around to catching up on your blog and saw my name in one! How fun! Love how you write and seeing your photos and art.