Monday, January 10, 2011


it's still winter.
and i am glad.

1.. start my field journal

2.. take advantage of my free membership at the campus gym

3.. get into a better sleep pattern

4.. read as often as i have in the last two months

5.. see what i think about church

6.. take more pictures and make more art

{canon 30d: a calming quiet}
© kimberly k taylor, all rights reserved


Victorya said...

7. Go to coffee with your friend Victorya sometime in the next few months. :)

These are great resolutions; I think you'll have a wonderful year full of growth, artsy-ness, and learning. Thanks for sharing the beauty you see in life on your blog.

Jason Pestell said...

I really enjoy these pictures; they create such a clear and joyous collection of memories of one of my favorite place-times. Each one is very well captured. I agree with each of Victorya's thoughts in commenting on your post.