Monday, February 28, 2011

27 things to do in my 27th year

(without meaningful order)

1...  Find a way back to piano
2...  Learn more about my Canon 30d
3...  Get acquainted with Impossible Film  here | here | here | herehere | here
4...  Find a photobooth and do a solo session  here
5...  Attend The Renegade Craft Fair  here
6...  See Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part II
7...  Swing on a gigantic tire just like when I was little  here | here
8...  Improve healthy eating habits
9...  Begin writing a novel
10.. Read 20 books  here
11.. Write { _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ } lovely-letters
12.. Introduce myself to Jane Austen  here
13.. Work on my new photography website  here
14.. Make a dent in scanning all my polaroids
15.. Host another creativity gathering like this one
16.. Have a Bazaar to redistribute old treasures  here | here
17.. Go on a double-date with Katelyn and Jeremie
18.. Participate in Spring Cleaning
19.. Start my Book Journal
20.. Take my Field Journal with me places so that I will not forget  here | here
21.. Make a new friend
22.. Pick a name for my Etsy shop  coming soon
23.. Book a photo shoot for fun, not profit
24.. Take a drive and see where I end up  here
25.. Find and commit to a better sleep schedule
26.. Solicit Brittany to help me make the Super Epic Rainbow Cake  my rendition
27.. (just for me)

{polaroid:  after all these years}
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