Monday, April 25, 2011

Ode to Katelyn and Jeremie

She is light and joy and spirit.  She makes things bright and love abounds wherever she resides- is left in her wake wherever goes.  She exemplifies true, committed friendship, and even when she has no time or energy.  She is integrity and honor and her thoughts are beautiful treasures for keeping.  She is honest and sincerely gracious and she is quick to forgive, understand, and believe in others.  Her spirit is both soothing and vibrantly radiant, like light bouncing from corner to corner until all the dark spaces are illuminated and safe.  Her laugh is music, authentic and free.

He is gentle and kind, warm and patient.  He sees her.  He sees her antics and -isms and takes note of them as delights and they give him joy.  He respects her mind, her talents, her intelligence, her dreams, and her heart.  He is understanding and patient and cares about those for whom she cares.  He is easygoing and reserved, cautious and intentional.  He is quick to find humor and joy.  He listens and cares about her words and thoughts and feelings.  He respects them and deems them lovely.


I am so joyous for my lovely Katelyn Paige and her Love. Truly truly they will continue to be so and I can only imagine what wonders they will find, create, and share with the world.

Congratulations, dear friend. Celebrating in your immense joy...

{canon 30d : ode to katelyn and jeremie}
© kimberly k taylor, all rights reserved


Jason Pestell said...

What a wonderful and fitting ode to two wonderful people! May God be with them both to inspire adventure, love, and commitment in all seasons.