Tuesday, August 2, 2011

back in june, he came to town and now it's his town, too

1. bryan
2. sierra madre memorial park
3. community garden and old harry thomas
4. visite de mon ancienne maison
5. photoventure

and now he's moved back to California again!

{canon 30d : happy venture}
photography by brittany m. taylor


Bryan Schnebelt said...

I love that I am closer to you again. You are like instant happiness. :D

Bryan Schnebelt said...

p.s. Brittany did a great job shooting!!!

Jason Pestell said...

I am happy for this unfolding of events as well! :D Already many great changes in the place where I live, and some time to talk about big and little things.

What is "tour de vieille maison"? It sounds very cool, and of course, I love the phrase!

Kimberly said...

Actually, I found that I have not found the best translation. It should be:

visite de mon ancienne maison
(tour of my old house)

^.^ I just changed it!