Friday, September 2, 2011

a day for wandering

a day-trip to

T H E  H U N T I N G T O N
Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens
San Marino, California

In celebration of Diane's birthday

Reservations for brunch at the Rose Garden Tea Room began our morning.  Natural lighting (and air conditioning!), strawberry kiwi black tea, three kinds of scones topped with devonshire cream and preserves, tea sandwiches and salads, dill cheese, fresh fruit with sweet cream, lemon bars, fruit tarts, chocolate mousse cups, and English tea cookies. Beautiful beautiful experience.

There was time for exploring and the 100° weather didn't get us down!  We sauntered through the Austrailian, Sub-Tropic, Chinese, and Rose gardens and concluded that it must be spider season (whatever that means) because there were too many glorious webs suspended between bamboo stalks or tree boughs.  They came in varying shades, but were similar in shape- and despite how much I dislike spiders, seemed a part of the art all around us.

Later, I spent time photographing some lovely twinkle lights in the Beautiful Science exhibit (I'll save those for another time).  And there was even time to spare for browsing the bookstore for a while.

Our quality time with lovely Diane, enhappied treats for tasting, and being surrounded by beautiful wonders for soaking in, left us tired in the happy sort of way and made for a sweetened afternoon.

{canon 30d : birthday wandering - the huntington, san marino}
© kimberly k taylor, all rights reserved


Victorya said...

Love love LOVE these pictures! So beautiful! As are you, my dear friend. Thank you for this beautiful post about the art of nature, lovely times with family, and celebratory days- it cheered me up on a long Tuesday.

Kimberly said...

I am so glad to hear these cheered you. ^.^ It was quite a lovely day together at the Huntington and sharing it in photographs makes me happy.