Saturday, March 26, 2011

Rainbows for St. Patrick

Per my 27 Things To Do in My 27th Year List, I was to try my hand at making this brilliant little treat.  Yet, in considering that I am apt to ruin most any baking that is put into the oven, I opted for baby steps and decided to come up with my own little rendition of this fantastic idea, but with reduced pressure.  (My success at Zucchini Bread last year, had not fully built up my baking confidence- especially since that experience included the help of various others and its success was probably due to their involvement and not my own.)  So, baby steps with a bit of innovation.  Thus...

A rendition of the Super Epic Rainbow Cake, albeit in cupcake form:

My idea was to form layers of colored cupcake batter and see if I could produce a Super Epic Rainbow Cupcake for St. Patrick's Day (you know, rainbow with a pot of gold). 

Brittany mixed the colors quite beautifully: ROYGBI/V (combining Indigo and Violet into one shade of purple).

We carefully poured each layer of colored batter into 24 cupcake cups, in ROYGBI/V order.  It was unknown whether the colors would enmesh in the process and result in a blurry brown mess, but we hoped the rainbow would prevail!

When brought out of the oven, there were the delightful little layers of color showing through the paper.  Yet, the top was a swirl of colors resembling tie-dye, volcanoes, and dinosaur skin instead of simply an Indigo/Violet top.

A cross-section, revealed that the layers had swirled and moved during the baking process, but for the most part, the colors had stayed their original shades!

And I really must add that the paper cup wrapping turned out quite beautiful, in and of itself.

And in the end, I was pleased and all who tasted were merry.

{canon 30d: the debut of the super epic rainbow cupcake}
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Jason Pestell said...

Yeah! I was merry due to the result, and I love that you utilized the word "cross-section" because of its science and math connection, and because of how many cross-sections I have had to calculate in the last two and a half months.