Thursday, August 4, 2011

legendary pomegranate

the words legendary and pomegranate are floating around in my head and i am fine with that. 

the last week has been incredible.  filled with an actualization that authentic community can and does exist.  and it can be seen as it is lived out in actions and words -- i'm afraid i had forgotten it could be so sincere from even strangers.  and it is uplifting in a balmy sort of way and nicely gentle to find it,.,.,. in unknown faces and acquaintances and yes, beloveds.

ode to humanity and its propensity towards beauty.

{polaroid 600 with impossible film : whimsy and halcyon}
© kimberly k taylor, all rights reserved


Bryan Schnebelt said...

I want to see these in person! They are beautiful...

Kimberly said...

Thank you! I'm still getting the hang of Impossible Film, but I like this experimental stage I find myself in. ^.^