Friday, April 29, 2011

the field journal is begun

Ever since it arrived to me from a most talented bookbinder in Austria and I added its first entry in August 2009, my Field Journal has sat on a shelf, collecting nothing, and being deemed too big a project to start.  (Which does not make any sort of sense as it is a journal- and therefore, meant to be added to one day at a time with however much or little I desire)

Regardless, yesterday marked the day of its truer beginning and I took it with me to work and opened its pages at lunchtime.  I was not sure exactly what to do, where to begin, so I began a list (how typical) and it somehow became a rather delightful flow of mind.  And thus, its second entry came into existence and there will never again be just one! and so I felt very happy inside following its completion and more importantly, having broken the sadly little pattern of its neglected shelf life. 

Often, the start is the hardest part and after that has been surmounted, I wonder why I did not start it sooner, of course.  I anticipate adding to its folds, a great many variety of things as they present themselves.  Jotted-down poems on napkins, torn ticket stubs, dried flowers, or bits of string.  Lovelies.

Cheers to the beginning of eventually crossing another off of my List!