Saturday, February 4, 2012

so it's saturday for a change

Sweet sigh of relief.  Today, was the first Saturday since before Christmas that I have had nowhere to be.  True, I had a haircut in the mornin', but that was lovely.  Getting shampooed and chatting with my hairdresser, Ray Morales, is relaxing and light.  I have been going to Ray since my first real haircut at age 13, when he changed the course of my [tresses'] life.  He used to let me barter haircuts for babysitting his three lovely children before they moved to Frazier Park.  Now he only works Thursday-Saturday down the mountain and I am so thankful because if he didn't, I would find myself driving up to Frazier Park 2-3 times per year because he is just that good. He is a true artist and the only person I allow near my hair with a pair of scissors.  We usually talk books and theology and family... and today, we added "wedding" to the list of conversation topics!  I realized I never heard how he met his lovely wife and listened to the story of how he proposed a mere 3 months after meeting her on a ski trip.

Following my haircut, I traipsed down to, a small stationary-and-more boutique in Sierra Madre.  I always stop by whenever I am in town.  I happened upon Deb Doumitt, the lovely shop owner, in 2008 and I have been stopping by ever since.  She wanted to know all about the wedding plans and we chatted as I perused, which was lovely.  And I left with part 2 of my birthday present for Megan, a journal for myself (I can't seem to say no to new journals), a Valentine for Bryan, and plenty of simply delightful cards.

Since arriving back at home, I have been diligently working away on finishing my Save-the-Date design for the wedding and the Just Married Celebration we're going to have in southern California.  Here is a little preview of some of the elements, without giving too much away:

Creative Project 2: Save-the-Dates
Status: Nearly finished!

Creative Project 3: Wedding Website
Status: Halfway there, but still a looooong way to go

{various art pieces}
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