Sunday, February 5, 2012

mostly blah

I suppose when writing a blog every single day for a month, there are bound to be bad days to report.  Today = BLAH.  And yet, that is not entirely fair because there were some elements during its course that were not BLAH (like lunch with Bryan or winning my first game of Seven Wonders), but the overall feeling is such. 

I am sitting on Phil's couch utterly disinterested in the reading I am supposed to be doing for tomorrow night's theological book group.  It feels so dry and my mind cannot seem to focus on it in even the smallest way, so I flung it away from me with what was probably undeserved hostility and opened up Phil's laptop to get away from words like "origin" and "classical theory" and "false"  and "materialistic transformism" that my brain is rejecting and annoyed with right now.  Perhaps, the rejection is even more prominent because  in recent days, I read The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, which was quite entertaining and which I could not put down (finishing it in a mere day and a half), and am now in the middle of an imaginative, linguistically descriptive novel, Moon Palace, by Paul Auster, that has not ceased to impress me from page 1 to my bookmark on page 198.  Articulate and even poetic in his style, he makes even the most mundane scenarios captivating- the longest paragraphs worthwhile.  Stories are just so much more gripping to my brain, my self.

Blog entries are probably not the best outlet for my sour mood, but it is helping to distract from my hiatal hernia that flared up in the last fifteen minutes because I am fully aware that tomorrow is Monday, and Monday means work, and work has become increasingly stressful these days.  And, it is giving me a nice respite from that BLAH book I am supposed to be reading (sorry Book, but you are).

Oh.  The sense of irresponsibility of not reading the assigned chapter in time for tomorrow's discussion (even though I am disinterested in discussing it altogether), makes me uneasy, too, and postponing it will only turn into a gloomy rain cloud and I will feel like Eeyore.  So, I know that I will pick that dratted book right back up again as soon as I press "publish post" on my lovely little world-away-from-stress Blogger screen.

No photograph for today.  It wouldn't match my mood.  Ha.