Friday, February 3, 2012

wedding business

Ideas, decision, purchase. Ideas, decision, purchase.  This seems to be the pattern for all the creative aspects of wedding planning.

My first project was deciding how I would ask my incredible wedding party if they would do us the honor of participating.  I had been dreaming up creative ideas of just the perfect way to ask, but went back and forth and back and forth.  They are such honored friends and I wanted them to feel just as special as they are.

I finally settled on an idea and started with drawing the wedding party in my signature silly stick figure form, with which my friends are quite familiar, as these types of little characters show up on almost every letter, card, or gift that comes from me.  I added in Jason's brothers, Best Man Kevin and Groomsman Shaun, to have the complete picture of our party.

Once the print was ready, I tried to figure out just how I would "frame" it. So! I purchased some cardboard children's books from Target and went to work cutting out the center pages, leaving only the thick covers. From there, I covered them with vintage fabric that I had purchased from an Etsy shop several years ago and had been saving for something special.

Using photo corners, I was able to attach the print to the inside cover and personalize each one with a paper arrow that pointed to each individual's stick figure caricature with the question, "Will you be my Maid of Honor/Bridesmaid/Bridesman?"

And here is the end result: a little self-standing print book!

Creative Project 1:  Wedding Party Books
Status:  Complete

And now along the same lines and in the hopes of saving money, I am planning to do much on my own:  Save-the-Dates, wedding invitations, décor, and the like.  I am also gathering a little band of artistics for some Crafternoons, in which we will take my many gathered materials and make the following:

Hand-decorated glassine paper bags
filled with flower seeds and planting instructions

Doily and penant garlands
Table centers
Cake topper
Laced archway
Photo Booth backdrop

Creative Project 2: Save-the-Dates
Status: Underway (preview coming soon)

With so much ahead, it is necessary that I continue to keep plugging away everyeveryday.  It feels like there is a 50-page list of things to take care of and it feels like a part-time job that I go to after my 8-hour work days and that always requires working on weekends.  Nearly everytime something gets checked off and I have that satisfying, "Yeah, baby!" go off in my head, about three new items are added to the list.  Boo. 

But, keeping on keeping on and trying to enjoy myself in the process... I find myself smiling a lot, too.

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