Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Recent lunch breaks are for errands and wedding business.  I sent off the potential bridesmaid dresses that we are not using and certify-mailed my U.S. passport renewal all the way to Philadelphia.  We have a good eight months before we take to the air for our overseas honeymoon, so we should be okay. 

Other happy news, we have secured our Just Married Celebration location for our southern California party for the beloved extended relatives and friends who we will not be able to invite to the small, family-centric wedding in northern California.  Our long-time family friends, the Terry's, have welcomed us to use their beautiful backyard for the celebration and it is simply perfect!  Sweet relief!  Now we can finally get both versions of the Save-the-Dates out!

For the last few evenings, I have tried combining much-needed introvert solitude with table center decor projects.  Between trudging home from work and taking care of Scarlet's 9:00pm tube feeding, I have tried my hand at making paper flowers.  With each passing hour, I have managed to cut down the turnaround time it takes me to form each blossom, but it still takes time (somewhere between 5-7 minutes per blossom).  Cutting the circles, forming the cones, gluing them together one-by-one is actually rather relaxing and hour by hour, new flowers are added to the pool.

In preparation of the upcoming March Crafternoon, I have been experimenting with papers of varying thicknesses and found that I like the look of tissue paper best.  As Brittany accurately articulated, the tissue paper blossoms look more full.  Softer, too.  I also prefer it when each blossom is only one color (I tried duo combinations and patterned paper, but they seem to lose their lovely shape when it becomes too complicated).  I have settled on a deep aqua-blue, grey silver, white, and blush.  Uhu glue dried to my fingernails make me look like leftover nail polish that has been picked at, but the end result is rather lovely, don't you think?

And here is a sample of how they will be used.  My design for the table centers incorporates these little blossoms with a wood-paper doily and a mason jar to be filled with something lovely...

So, steadily, steadily plugging away.

canon 30d:  paper roses  |  © kimberly k taylor, all rights reserved