Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Scarlet is still with us!

We took her to the veterinarian's office yesternight thinking that we would have to either put her down or try to convince wonderful Dr. Shaw to let us keep trying for another week.  We thought she would say that it was our decision, but it would most likely cause Scarlet to suffer longer and that she really couldn't foresee any further improvement.  We were ready for goodbye (well, as ready as we could be).

However, once in the vet's room, Scarlet began acting much more like her old self.  She walked around the room, was interested in sniffing my purse (an old favorite passtime), nuzzled us, listened to the footsteps through the crack under the door, laid down right up against my feet, and even turned her affection on Dr. Shaw!

We let Dr. Shaw know that she hadn't been acting this active at home, just in case the change of behavior was adrenaline-driven, but I let her know that this past week, I had noticed Scarlet's increase in alertness, interest and curiosity, and desire to be with us and interact, but was trying not to get my hopes up.  Scarlet  had showed interest in eating small amounts on own several times in the past two days and even wanted to play with me on Saturday night, chasing her toy stick.  Dr. Shaw said these changes are significant even if Scarlet still has intermittent seizures, jerking, seems listless throughout the day.  She also noted that Scarlet seemed more resigned and comfortable with her more limited mobility, even though it is not what it used to be.

After watching Scarlet for a while, advised us against putting her down!  She recommended that we take it week by week and get a better idea of whether this is simply Scarlet's final rallying before passing away (very typical of both humans and animals), or if she truly is improving.  She said Scarlet was very clearly showing her that she was not ready to be put down.  Dr. Shaw very encouraged by her progress and couldn't stop smiling and commenting at the difference from two weeks ago.  She said she really cannot say what will happen, but she was heartened by the new developments.

When she went to replace Scarlet's neck bandage, Val and I just looked at each other, grinning, and our eyes were wet.  Challenges remain, but we are so relieved.  We were so proud of little Scarlet for fighting so hard.  Thanks for thoughts, prayers, and to those of you who have stopped by to give Scarlet extra love.  Val and I have appreciated it all so much!

canon powershot:  expecting goodbye |  © kimberly k taylor, all rights reserved