Thursday, December 19, 2013

I love how certain songs remind you of specific people. And they have no idea. But you smile when the song comes on the radio because only you know.

I love it when an unexpected conversation occurs, and you realize that this person may know you better in some way than a lot of people, maybe even your closest friends, simply because the two of you grew up the same way and have thought the same thoughts and are afraid of the very same things.

I love it when I am listening to music in the car and everyone walking by on the street is walking on beat.

I love it when the promise of rain comes to be--when everything is shrouded in mist and the atmosphere becomes sound.

I love it when people use clever sarcasm, but without it being at someone else's expense. And it's no less funny, it's more somehow. Because it doesn't harm anyone in the process.

I love how someone can burn you a mixed CD of songs they've collected, and when you hear them for the very first time, it's as if the songs are already a part of you.

These are giants in the sky.

iphone  | there are giants in the sky
© kimberly k. taylor-pestell, all rights reserved


Bryan Schnebelt said...

"Giants in the Sky" sounds like an amazing children's book that an imaginative author, like Shel Silverstein, would write.

Clever sarcasm (without hurting other people's feelings) can be a tricky one, but can be artful when done the right way. I appreciate it too.