Tuesday, January 14, 2014

1// endless task lists
2// brain-fried beyond all beyond
3// missed meals and an empty stomach
4// awful news and seeing how hard it is to be a grown-up sometimes
5// dry eyes when all the eye drops are expended
6// such uncertain terms
7// sore muscles
8// nerves and wishes for Saturday's launch

so, let's cancel them out with lovely things

8// climbing guest lists and rising hopes
7// designs inside my head transitioning to blank pages
6// loving that I have never doubted my choice about him
5// happy tears
4// hopeful expectancy that we can stay where we are
3// Farm Fresh to You and Jason's delicious pasta sauce
2// warm warm covers and soft soft dreams
1// check marks


Bryan Schnebelt said...

I love how you don't give up and look for the things to be grateful for. You are a wonder. I love you and am truly excited for your launch! It will be great.