Tuesday, December 10, 2013

I was trying my best to be warm and bright, but I wasn't up for it. I was tired of being anything at all. And I thought, "That's okay sometimes." I wandered around in my mind for a while, finding old crevices--old, familiar hiding places--in which to crawl with calm reassurance that I would not be found until I wanted to be.

Hiding can be good. As long as you emerge.

I am uncertain as to at what point I became so affected by things that really mean very little to me in the end. When I lay everything out on the floor and take inventory of what I truly love, there is so much to discard. So much excess and waste taking up the space in me.

I was walking away from endless To Dos as daylight faded to night. It was cold on high heels and black pavement. And I thought, "I am going home." My teeth chattered, and I tried to hold my jaw still just to see if I could.

Chattering teeth can be good. As long as they stop eventually.

I prefer not to see unspoken rules all the time, or at least not to live by them. It can all be so much, and I don't believe in half of them anyways. To be in Peace, to forgive life. That sounds so beautiful that it lights dark corners and feeds large spoonfuls of hope into ready, expectant mouths.

Mouths that, in turn, will sing.


Bryan Schnebelt said...

Awww, I love you Kimberly Taylor-Pestell. I truly do. Your note meant so much. I hope that Vagabond Voices compel you with inspiration and that words of peace continue to resonate within your heart.