Thursday, March 10, 2011


the weather warmed suddenly and i am sad.  i am sad because i do not like warm weather.  i do not like its sun beaches, pool parties, and tank tops.  and no matter how beautiful the blooms are when they open, my body is deficient and allergies do a blossoming of their own, which produce a longing for fall when they will all die away.

i wish to remain in the layers of buttoned cardigans, knit dresses and tights, leather boots, and overcoats.. to feel the rush of cold when i step out of a building and into the world.. to drink hot genmai cha green tea or hot chocolate and feel it warm me from inside but without feeling hot.. to enjoy walking on cool sidewalks on crisply crunching leaves.. to see my breath expel in a little cloud in the early morning and feel invigorated and somehow on a road.. to snuggle beneath aged quilts and goose down comforters even in the middle of the afternoon.

i am very much a autumn-winter soul.  and as soon as spring hits (yes, i do say "hits"), i feel an immediate sense of withdrawal as my season-friends are migrating away and leaving for some time.

so! to cheer myself, i re-found some photographs i shot of coi in a delightful pond with water marbled in olives, greys, blacks, and browns that were taken in the springly month of May.  (my favorite is the middle photograph where the reflections are most deep).  to watch the pearl-scaled water beasts swim their trails in a placid blanket, painted with reflections that will stay the day, gives me a better attitude about the warmth.  even if that same warmth is pushing my lovely winter into a boxcar and sending it on its way so it can have its own turn in the year. 

apologies to spring and summer, but i am far more taken with your counterparts.  in genuine effort to give you the respect you deserve, i look at the coi in May as an testament of the beauty found in spring.  the coi are the royal, distinguished, and dignifiedly decorated clan of the fish world.  and even when gliding beneath a warm glassy skrim, even then- their colors are fantastic.

{canon 30d : marbles and pearls}
© kimberly k taylor, all rights reserved


Jennifer said...

You are so poetic. I'm definitely more of a Autumn/Springs. I like moderate, not extremes. For your sake, I hope you get one or two more cold snaps!