Monday, March 14, 2011

Japan and love and a way to help

I went home from work on Friday because I kept crying and my heart was pounding so fast with each minute ticking by in such slowed motion as I waited to hear from beloveds in Japan. I could not focus and could not stop crying, thinking about it all, and so I went home.

Since Friday, I have been among the fortunate to discover that my Aunt Eileen and all of my friends are safe so far.  Such relief and thanksgiving.  Yet, that same relief causes me a sadness for those who have not found the same and instead, have received heartbreaking news.

My dear friend, Haruna, is safe for the time being.  However, she lives 100 miles away from where the Fukushima nuclear plant exploded.  Many people have been evacuated due to the radiation leak scare, but Haruna and her family have not been notified to leave.  They have been experiencing numerous aftershocks and on Saturday, she said they came every few minutes.  They have been told to expect another 7.0 in the next two days, which is a larger quake than our 6.7 California Northridge in 1994.  Fortunately, the Japanese architecture is withstanding the quakes.  It is the tsunami ravaged areas that are suffering most.

Stephanie's friend, Joey Millard, has traveled up to Sendai with several members of his house church and is doing all he can to help.  He took with him $1000 worth of food and supplies and cooking stoves, but these resources are already depleting as the need is so great.  It is freezing cold in Sendai and the survivors are without heat, water, food, sewage, and electricity.  Joey's most recent message said,

"Made it to sendai. Dropped off a few thousand dollars worth of food and supplies. Hope we can find more ways to help....Just visited a nursing home...heart breaking... not much food, all the patients on one floor, no power, no sewage, no heat for cooking. Was able to give themsome cooking stoves. Still so much more need! @ prefectrual gov building in sendai. Hundreds stranded sleeping on the floor. No food. Need volunteers. Need food. Gov can't do anything for these ppl. Need help. we r scrambling to find food, even to buy. international aid starting but priority saving, not feeding."
If you would like to donate to Joey's work in Sendai, please contact me and I can connect you with their ministry website where you can contribute.  He and his brothers are missionaries in Japan and were groomsmen in Stephanie and Andrew's wedding in Aioi.  They are such giving, serving individuals and what we give to them, they will give to those who need it. 

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