Wednesday, March 9, 2011

away sailing

A theme of away sailing has been floating along in my head this new March.  It holds red for color and boats for motion.  Yet, it feels much more like I am whaled on land with the water only twenty feet away.

It has been some time since I traveled somewhere new or even went away for a day or so much as stole away for a few hours... into solitude, to translate my fragmented thoughts into coherent sentences or images or understandings to create some sort of sense and have a more lasting affect and significance.

The necessaries are changing (or maybe they haven't changed at all and I am only just now giving them the weight they deserve).  And I am perpetually telling them to wait (weight) their turn when they have already sat patiently at dock for a very long time and have probably forgotten why they came in the first place or if they are truly meant for anything but bobbing and placeholding.  Maybe.

Away sailing ought to be a national holiday... month... year.

{polaroid:  its days left are for land}
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