Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christmastime, tra-la

I have been captivated by the approaching holiday and its lively peace.  I cherish the brilliant golds, sharp crimsons, and vibrant greens that are floating around everywhere making everything sing-song and joyful.  I love how rich everything tastes and how delicately cool and bright the weather is.  I wish Christmastime lasted a little bit longer each year.

This weekend took place in winter wonderland Lake Arrowhead, with tree decorating, instrumental Christmas music, gift exchanging, Nerf wars, Apples to Apples, a jaunty walk and deli-style pizza downtown, homecooked meals and gourmet snacks in between, picture-taking, and jolly-making.

More, please.


1 Christmas songs and singing in the car    2 The scent of Christmas trees   3 Softy, chewy ginger cookies   4 Hot cocoa (all the time)   5 Gift shopping for beloveds   6 Long coats and high boots   7 Thick quilts and flannel pajamas   8 Vacation time and trips for visits   Martinelli's Sparkling Apple Cider 10 the 11 O'Clock Christmas Eve Candlelight Service  

{canon 30d:  jolly-making}
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Victorya said...

I agree; the colors, sounds, and general feeling that permeates the air this time of year is just wonderful. I so enjoyed getting to share it with you for a brief time this weekend. Merry Christmas!