Monday, November 29, 2010

November games


November, a favorite month of mine, is nearly through its thirty days of existence for this year.  And it has done beautifully, bringing us true autumn weather, crisp leaves on cold pavement, and coats with tights and boots.

I have absorbed this year's November with the reading of novels beneath soulwarming quilts, the writing of brilliant letters between long-lost cousins, the sipping of bittersweet cocoa from charmed ceramic mugs, the shopping of Christmas gifts for loves, and the enjoyment of dearly beloved joygivers who ever instill hope and love and the true meaning of friendship.  It is not so horrible an experience to be lost, when you are lost while holding another's hand.

Thank you, November, for coming again.  I love how you always come.

{canon 30d: of november}
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The top image features a lovely paper envelope holding a most
delightful photographic print that I purchased from the ever-
enchanting photographer, Jen AltmanAll rights for the image
of the plates featured in the above picture, go to Miss Altman.