Tuesday, December 14, 2010

things to do in december

1) Take a photograph of Grandpa Harley in his Santa hat.

2) Listen to and sing along with Christmas songs on the radio everyday.

3) Perfect the art of making snowflakes.

4) Wrap each present on purpose.

5) Guzzle Martinelli's Sparkling Apple Cider at every chance I get.

6) Attend at least one Christmas party. *Edit: Okay, that was too easy, so how about 5?
7) Write a letter to little Sohail in Afghanistan.

8) Find and make friends with a pair of toe socks.

9) Learn how to make Brittany's deliciously chewy ginger cookies. *Edit: The recipe has been lost! :(

10) Go to a Christmas Eve service.

11) Make a day of wrapping paper making, implementing the genius idea of Geninne (scroll down to "Celery Stamp", posted on November 27, 2010).

12) Wish Spencer Terry a very Happy Birthday.

13) See s.n.o.w.

14) Catch up on sleep.

15) Wear cozy pajamas every night.

16) Make a gingerbread house. *Edit: Make a gingerbread train.

17) Spend quality time with beloveds (over and over again).

{canon 30d:  seasonal 'tis}
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Sydney said...

This list is LEGIT