Tuesday, November 23, 2010

in breath taking

And it was an afternoon of ink pens, lined journals, ginger cookies, fair trade chocolates, lattes, books, and the friendliness and warmth of all the colors of autumn.  I thought, "how lovely."  This is of what Sunday afternoons should be made.  Marinating in peaceful, fragrant moments with people you call dear and for a short respite, remembering that soothingness is significant in dwelling and thriving on the good and sweet.  So we may go on breath taking and absorbing joy into our cores for the sake of keeping on and well.

 {canon 30d: november the twenty-second}
© kimberly k. taylor and brittany m. taylor


Jason Pestell said...

Cela, c'est très beau! Je suis si content de regarder ces photos-ci et de lire ces pensées-ci avec du calme. C'est en réfléchissant sur ces choses qu'on se réchauffer l'âme. Merci, Kimi!

Anonymous said...

you are an incredible photographer. :) nice to have found you again.