Friday, August 27, 2010

Remembering Seattle

I am in need of an excursion.  Something that is calming, not adventurous.  Something that involves photo-taking and moseying and is devoid of time restrictions.  Preferably involving lovelies (like sister or Megan or Katelyn) who appreciate artistic pause and the enchanting charm of small noticeables.

So, I am reminiscing about that time I was invited to meet her Seattle.  And everything seemed to make sense because she walked around and laughed and seemed to be a part of it.  Like she belonged in some secret way, like she was made there and its self was in her blood.  The place suited her.  She suits everyplace, yes, but the significance was that the place suited her.

For me, it was unknown and colorful and overcast and full of polaroids and perfectly delightful.  I saw lovely things and ate lovely things and talked lovely things.  And I wish I could be there with her again this weekend to see it all again.

{canon 30D:  from when i met seattle series}
© Kimberly K Taylor, all rights reserved
(with the exception of the one I am in, which was taken by my sister, BB)

old words are appropriate for today:

they can't take away the words
nor the meanings, self-contained
why do colors bleed away
melting into inbetweens
destroying all the might-have-beens
pinching in the touch of swords
tears that we can see are feigned
streaming kite tails cannot stay
highlights of the dreamy scenes
classy red and blackened sheens