Monday, August 30, 2010

Much Love Monday: {Cats}

I love cats.  They are my favorite animal in all the world.

Agile             Careful             Majestic
Intelligent         Inquisitive
Sophisticated                  Life-long love
Not quite tame
Always beautifully clean

My model for this shoot is dear Scarlet, the cat who lives where
I live. Wish I could say she was mine, but she belongs to Val.
She is blue-eyed, part Siamese, & the sweetest feline imaginable.

{canon 30D & polaroid: from scarlet love series}
© Kimberly K Taylor, all rights reserved

{this entry is a part of Much Love Mondays}


Jason Pestell said...

J'aime les photos. Elles sont aussi belle que Scarlet est - sauf qu'elles sont calmes pendant qu'elle bouge joliment et d'une manière presque sauvage.