Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Happy Tuesday (and daydreams)

Happy Tuesday.  I feel like I am somewhere other than where I am.  In netherworlds of cold beaches to the north.  This is where I am today, even if I am not there:

It is helpful that there are two delightfuls in my day who always take me to pretty moments with ideas and creations and poetry.

First, is beloved Megan, who cheats beauty by creating a whole new way of it. She brought with her alfalfa sprouts, an avocado, and a tomato to spread into the most beautiful sandwich. Combined with outdoor sidewalk seating, it was a short-but-sweet forty minutes of pleastly honest friendship over lunch.

Second, will be beloved Katelyn, a magic-girl who has stories and eye twinkles for sharing. We always have plans to do such-and-such and instead end up talking and laughing forever, always surprised how the time has flown away. This evening's goal is brainstorming creative projects.

May your day be filled with wonders.  Happy Tuesday, to you.

{canon 30D:  from to the north series}
© Kimberly K Taylor, all rights reserved
(excluding the two of me, which were taken by my dear friend, Jonathan Rivette)


Jason Pestell said...

That beach trip was quite lovely, and I look forward to future ones in which I shall not become a burrito :)

I hope time spent with the two friends was wonderful.