Thursday, August 12, 2010

I wish...

... it was our turn.

... certain lovelies lived in Southern California (Stephanie, Bryan, Micah, Jessica, Thomas, Kimberly Robin, and Jason's family).

... the original Polaroid film wasn't going extinct and that the replacements weren't so expensive.

... I could have a real summer vacation and go gallivanting.

... My childhood cat, Midnight, had been given the lifespan of a human.

... I could go back to school for pure enjoyment and learn English and Literature.

... Weekends had 3 days instead of 2.

... I enjoyed cooking and that fried cheese and pasta weren't fattening.

... Allergies didn't exist!!!

... Bryan could own his very own stationary shop/art gallery and I could work there!

... I spent more times outdoors, exploring places and adding to my Field Journal.

 {polaroid:  chinese lantern festival}
© Kimberly K Taylor

{in response to an admiration's question}


polkadotpeony said...

Keep wishing. :) Perhaps one of them will come true and Thomas and I will move down there in the semi-near future. :)

seijitsu said...

Thanks, Kimmie. I'm wishing you can come gallivanting in NJ sometime while I'm living out here.