Friday, August 13, 2010


Today, has been much better than yesterday (thank goodness).  The cleaners came and carpet cleaned the coffee splotch at the office from my embarrassing clutz incident yesterday.  Work has been low-key and pleasant.  Lunch was delicious Pad See Ew leftovers thanks to President Thai!  And during my lunch break, I was reading up on the UniqueLA Design & Gift Show that I will be attending on Sunday with some delightfuls.

And I happened upon a link to one of the vendors, a lovely little business called Paper Pastries. "Confections for your Correspondance" is their little slogan, which I think is clever. They are selling these lovelies:

Don't you just want to buy them all?


Jason Pestell said...

Although I have never visited three out of the four cities depicted through the representative rubber stamps, what I imagine those cities to be are quite perfectly depicted with the carefully selected images -- I was able to immediately recognize the place to which they were meant to point (San Francisco took a second on the building, but it made perfect sense once I let its rightness soak in).

I hope to visit these some day with a certain Hapa girl of the country.