Monday, August 9, 2010

MuchLoveMonday: {Lists}

I love lists.  I make lists all. the. time.  I find reasons to make lists. There are many ongoing lists in my life (and it seems appropriate to list them):

Ongoing Lists

1) Film Library (including title, year, "starring" names, length, rating, and category)

2) Book Library (including title, author, number of pages, and date I finished it)

3) Packing Lists (whenever I go somewhere, I write down everything I need to pack - this is important)

4) Names that I Like (girls, and boys)

5) To Do Lists (work, personal life)

6) Wish Lists (mostly books and art and instant film, but sometimes clothing)

7) Gift Lists (to make sure I don't miss anyone at Christmas)

And many many more.  I have a Blogger label tag for entries that are "lists".  Amazingly, I'm not OCD.

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