Saturday, May 1, 2010

Weekend, thank you for coming!


It is 9:57am, have been up since 9:05am and I think that's too bad because it's a Saturday.  But, I have a few friends arriving shortly for a talk and then I have to go to work.  Yes, work.  Because today is the 2010-2011 Company Teams auditions at the studio.  And I have to run them because the Director is out of town and my assistant is going out of town (I'm happy for them because they need a break, I'm just a little sad for me).

We'll see how today goes.  I would like to do some more writing today.  And perhaps take some photographs.  And journal and start a new book.

{polaroid:  there was too much sun, but i was glad}
© kimberly k taylor


polkadotpeony said...

I LOVE this picture!!! And say day for working on Saturday but Thomas works every Saturday so he knows how you feel. :)