Saturday, May 1, 2010

Comatose Saturday (and Turkish Photos 1)

 So far, I have done none of things I said I wanted to do (noted here).  Instead, I took delicious (and generously donated from a client) Mexican chicken salad (with avocados) to my mom and Megan (because I couldn't eat it all and it couldn't go to waste) and then ate some with Jason.

And then, what happened?  I replied to some e-mails and wrote Lindsay Eller that I finally had the money to purchase a painting I had asked her to save for me because it was just tooo beautiful to pass up.  I proudly own three of her others.

The rest of the evening (for it was already 4:30pm by the time I got home and had a Saturday), I dozed next to Jason while he did his reading for book group tomorrow until I remembered that I had my beginning-of-the-month bills to pay.

Jason, by the way, shaved off his goatee/semi-beard and left a silly little mustache just because "he can."  By the end of the day it, too, was gone because I couldn't get over how he looked like some scheming, bright-eyed backhander stroking his blonde-red mustache with a toothy grin and trying to sell me a set of encyclopedias using "Ma'am" in every sentence.  Suffice to say, he didn't like the little mustache either, so it's gone now.

I have decided to post some photographs I took from my travels to Turkey and Greece over the course of various blog posts, just because I never showed them to anyone, really, and that is a little bit sad.  Here are three from Istanbul, Turkey.  I loved Istanbul.  I spent several days in and around it and it was not enough.

{photographs:  i wouldn't mind being in Istanbul today}
© kimberly k taylor


polkadotpeony said...

Yay trip pictures! And I can just imagine Jason with a mustache and it makes me laugh. :)