Friday, April 30, 2010

the bright side

I am trying to focus on things with a Pollyanna perspective and remember that I enjoy finding the beautiful things amidst the crass in a manner-of-speakings, which leads me to:

  6 Things I Did This Week that Were

(1) Took thirteen Polaroids

(2) Finally finished Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert.  This took me longer to read because it wasn't a novel, but I finished it!  It had it's pros and cons, but definitely served a purpose.

(3) Went clothes shopping (thanks to a thoughtful gift card from my boss, which reminded me that she cares so much about how hard work has been lately) and actually purchased articles of clothing with colors instead of my typical blacks and greys.  Colors.  Those who know me fully understand the significance of me buying colors.

(4) Finished out my 2nd month of my eating-healthier resolve and found myself fitting into old pants (always always an encouragement).

(5) Called up my lovely Megan for an impromptu dessert date when I usually drive straight home after work and disappear straight into Introvert Mode.

(6) Took note of five compliments that were repeated nearly word-for-word by five completely different people at different times during the course of the same day and forced myself to hear them as truth gifts.

{polaroid: i need lace in my life}
© kimberly k taylor 

{Post Script}
And light is coming from A Fine Frenzy's
Bird of the Summer 



polkadotpeony said...

I love this entry. I am just starting to read Eat, Pray, Love. I have enjoyed it so far, but I agree with you, it's much easier for me to read a novel. And yes... I know the significance of you buying colors. :)