Sunday, April 25, 2010

blessings of day:

(Please Note: These are without any numbered precedence)

(1)  being with my baby sister for a couple hours while she studied and eating donated guacamole and salsa.

(2)  receiving a deposit for a September wedding photo shoot when I didn't know how to pay my DMV renewal this year.

(3)  a red-haired lovely who drove me to coffee (accompanied by A Fine Frenzy lullabyes) and listened and shared and showed me that I am not forgotten.

(4)  the example of my Love who found a way to purchase test strips for a diabetic homeless man he met today.

(5)  a still, small moment for a polaroid even if it didn't turn out the way I planned:

{polaroid: it's as if they knew}
© kimberly k tayor