Monday, October 26, 2009

It's not really about me at all.

Every few days, I get a phone call from my mother emphatically telling me that I need to go down to the health clinic and get myself the swing flu vaccine. I've been so busy and overwhelmingly stressed out that that H1N1 vaccine is the last thing on my mind. Yet as annoying as those repetitive incoming messages can be- I realize how very loved I am. I also am reminded that my life is not all about me.

Reports show that young people under 26-27 who also have asthma have not been fairing well and often have severe complications if they catch the nasty, beasty virus. Since I fall under that category, my mother is steadily worrying and my stressed-out, can't-think-about-that-right-now attitude, has been- rather selfish. Things are never just about me. Others are always affected by what I choose to or choose not to do.

My stubbornness only causes my mom to worry and it's not even a big thing- and probably good in the long- or short- run anyways. Getting this shot will put my mother's mind at ease, and that in and of itself, matters a great deal.