Saturday, February 21, 2009

holiday in windsor

the trip was wonderful and yet we both felt we wasted the time. we were together, but so tired that our countenances were a bit tarnished and soon it was over and i was flying back home. this doesn't mean it was not a good trip, because it was. it's a mere statement tied with a longing for a wish that the time together had been longer and perhaps more full, whatever that means.

© kimberly k. taylor 2009

valentine's day was the highlight just because. he took me to the charles schultz museum in santa rosa and then ice skating at sparky's very own snoopy's home ice rink.

i was uneasy the first thirty minutes on the ice. having only vague (if that) memories of ice skating as a reference point, i wanted to prevent falling in an effort to avoid hurting someone else or myself or my pride. i never fell once! and i was proud of myself at the end of the night. with each completed skate round the rink, my confidence improved and soon i was enjoying myself. i got to skate round and round with him and it was special and invigorating.

there were children and silly junior high couples in which the girls were much taller than their boys who hadn't begun the journey through puberty yet (whom i deemed lucky and sweetly innocent). there were gifted skaters who knew what the heck they were doing and there were extreme novices such as one little girl was attached to the wall nearly the entire three hours. but this little girl was a gem. when she heard me ask Jason to help me, she turned and offered her aid despite her effort to simply stay upright. falling didn't phase her and i think she had a better braveness than i ever did. she was delightful and within the last hour, seeing her venture into the open area made me smile and served as ending frame to the evening.

i enter a new week missing him terribly, but remembering a lovely albeit short holiday in windsor.


Bryan Schnebelt said...

I love the effect of that picture!

It reminds me of a Van Dyke-style print. It has such an antique-feel to it.

You should make more!

Jason Pestell said...

I remember that short holiday well and wish also that it had extended for weeks, that my birthday weekend would turn into a month-long celebration and that that month would eventually include a celebration of when you were born ... that we would share in celebration day in and day out, realizing that our lives were being spent in celebrating each other, as individuals and as a loving couple, and Him who made us and desires us to know Him. I hope THAT celebration begins soon ... ::wistful glance toward the heavens with a hopeful smile::