Friday, February 20, 2009

east of eden

i wasn't in the mood for lunch. so i skipped the whole thing, but i regret not getting outdoors. thank God for the large class doors and windows. i can see beautiful tree crowns touching the sky and threatening the telephone cables with their reaching branches and strong boughs. i can see the sky, whites and blues mixing around in their wispy patterns.

i am thoroughly riveted to the tale John Steinbeck tells in East of Eden. i'm familiar, in part, to the story because the film is on my favorites list (starring James Dean). i've discovered how much more there is to the story reading the 601-page novel. cal and aron don't really come into the story until quite a ways in, but i'm finding the read very interesting and though Steinbeck's paragraphs are full, i find them easy to understand and i keep turning pages for more. there are so many more characters, so much more history, and i love it.jonny-boy was right and i see why he recommended it to me.

i never did read The Grapes of Wrath in high school. this is my first Steinbeck novel and i now understand why this man has so much behind his name. though i have not read Of Mice and Men, the play is brilliant and i'm told it follows the novel closely with lines directly from the book.

i got a coupon for 40% off any book at Borders. i think i'll stop by after work today. happy happy.


Misty Breyer said...

The Grapes of Wrath is an excellent book. I'd recommend reading that one next. Personally, I'm still working my way through Jane Erye at the moment.