Friday, December 12, 2008

I'm telling you-

I’m telling you, I’m going to write more regularly starting yesterday. I miss it. My excuse for the past few months: new full-time job and a lot of adjusting.

I’m writing on a Word document instead of in the little entry box on I don’t feel like I’m writing a blog, therefore, I don’t like this. However, it’s complicated and I have to wait to post this.

I’m still sick-ly. I say “-ly” because it’s sick-ish and slow and tired and sore. It’s not the same as just being plain sick and I’m afraid I can’t describe the difference because my head is all fuzzy right now.

Tomorrow, I’m producing a Winter Showcase at my work. I’m tired of producing it. I want it to be over. I haven’t gotten much help with the project and I’m just ready for it be “last weekend”. I can’t focus for longer than 30 minutes. And that is why I am excusing myself for long enough to think of something other than workworkwork. What I really need is sleepsleepsleep.

Actually, last night, I slept so well from 12am-7:19am. It was wonderful. I woke up at 7:19am and wanted more because it was just that good. Poor BB was up until 3am working on a paper and up before me. She’s a wonder and I’m so happy that today is the last day of academic misery for her (for a while). After today, she can concentrate on all the fun December-ness. Me too… after Sunday.

Sunday- I’m photographing my first (paid) wedding for my wonderful cousin, James. While I’m sure I’ll enjoy myself, event photography is stressful. I’m solely responsible for capturing James and Katie’s biggest day. It’s a lot of pressure, but exhilarating, too.

You know what I really want to be doing right this very minute? I want to be curled up in a blanket with my pajamas on (and cozy socks) and read more of New Moon. When I get home, however, I need to do more printing and preparation for tomorrow’s show.

But soon this weekend will be over and I’ll have one more week of work before freedom. Not even, actually! I’ll have a mere 4 days of work before freedom. Then, I’ll be flying north to spend some quality time with Jason and about this, I am very well pleased.

And short hair again feels great.


Jason Pestell said...

HURRAY!! Less than a week away, and I will joyously pick up my girl from l'aéroport de Sonoma. C'est ce que j'attends avec impatience, et puisque j'ai lu des choses romantiques dans "Twilight" ("Crépuscule") je soupire après le moment où on pourra asseoir main à main et regarder l'un l'autre aux yeux...