Thursday, December 11, 2008


The Twilight Saga has been the instigator for a reinstatement of that fact that I love to read. I-love-to-read.

Novels (well-written novels) so completely occupy - and makes everything else a distraction or interruption. There is another place and other people there. And the artist bids you to participate in some small way and invites you to care, actually care, for those people in that world. I don't understand how it works. But, I love how it is.

I'm a bit confused, myself, about the Twilight saga. -- About whether it really is well written or not. What I do know is that I can't put it down. I read the first in two evenings, the second is a little over 1/2 done and I only picked it up yesterday afternoon. I guess whether they're well or poorly written doesn't matter, because I am thoroughly enjoying myself. Reading reading reading, happy, happy, happy. It definitely has a grip on my leisure time and I'm fine with that.

Two days ago, I decided that I was going to begin a Reading Journal. For me, this consists of a Word document in which I state the following the date I began and finished the book, the title and its author, the number of pages in the volume, and a response of some kind (which varies in style and bluntness).

I have been sick for over a week now and it doesn't look promising that this thing will leave me alone anytime soon. I'm not one to notice a simple cold, so if I feel sick, I really AM sick. But, I don't have time to rest because I have a Winter Showcase recital to produce on Saturday... or rather, am producing now and about a month prior to now. It's preparation combined with health (or lack there of), is getting its point across and I'm so very very tired.

But, at least I'm getting a haircut to remind myself that my hair is not perpetually the same and it will be different before the holidays.


Jason Pestell said...

I have also been totally engulfed in this interesting story about paradoxical love and about self-sacrifice both in the context of living as a moral person and of expressing love. I do not know how much other girls can relate to the thoughts of this character, but I find the perspective very intriguing and enjoyable - to read from the perspective of the beloved as one who experiences from the perspective of the lover (l'amant).

I too am struggling to shirk this wretched taint on my health, and I look forward to the time when I can breathe calmly and inhale and exhale with no trouble and no barrier. I think that one blessing we mortals have is sickness, which heightens our appreciation (or ought to anyway) for each moment and each breath which are each a precious gift from our Creator - another chance to share our time and our lives with those around us (sometimes that includes fictional people - which can be healthy as long as it occupies the minority of our time).

Heidi Jo said...

Natalie and Justin stuck Twilight in my purse at the Christmas party and I read it in one day, the 2nd took a day or so and now I am on the third. I agree with you- I'm not sure if they are well written or not- but the story is captivating, so I guess it doesn't matter. : ) I'm enjoying them!

-Heidi Ower