Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Confessions of a Long Distance Love (a perfectly cheesy title)

Here I am, sitting in the Pestell's computer room, all logged in to blogspot.com and typing a letter to whoever reads here.

My left ear (the one that has endured two ear perforations - ear drum ruptures -, is clogged and I'm concerned about the inevitable pressure it will experience on the flight home tomorrow morning. I've a slight cold, same as when I left from LAX on Friday, but I'm happier. I am happier because I have been near my Love for a solid four days. He is at work now, but will return.

Being in his constant presence for a set amount of days is sometimes a little overwhelming because I'm so used to being away. The daily activities aren't happening, and thus what we usually talk about at the end of everyday, does not exist. We know what happened yesterday, because we were both there. It's happy and giddy and a little strange, but it's always wonderful just to see his face and know that he can see mine- simultaneously. Try not to take that for granted in your experiences. Faces are incredible.

We've spent the last several days attending a Christmas party, Christmas service at Jason's church, dining with the Piehl's (newly weds, Jon & Victorya), watching movies, and existing in the same proximity. It's delightful. Each day closer to my departure, I begin to miss him even though I haven't left yet. And so, tonight, I'll probably feel it the most since going to bed will mean waking up mere hours later to hop on a flight to be, once again, taken hundreds of miles away.

Yet, I long to see my family. My BB is on vacation from school and I miss spending her stress-free time with her. I think of her often, as best friends often do, I suppose.

I have been reading all morning and finished Confessions of an Ugly Step-Sister by Gregory Maguire. I found it very interesting and though it wasn't a tale I would specifically say was "wonderful", I enjoyed it and really do deem it excellent literature. Maguire's writing style is unique and one of the few who can get away, and quite successfully, with present-tense narration. At first, it bothered me, but I grew accustomed to it before Chapter 3 and discovered that it fit the illustrations of words and ideas. Quite a creative one, Gregory Maguire.

(And I must admit, I envy his name or pen name or whatever it is, as much as any female can envy a male name... which is a lot, as it turns out in my case. I do so enjoy a well named character or place or world and all the more a real person. "Gregory Maquire" is quite satisying to my ear and his writing nearly matches it... or compliments it, I suppose is the more appropriate expression of what I mean.)

I think it is time to lunch. I have some lovely leftover pasta from our double date with the Piehls last night. I think that will be perfect.