Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Amidst the Genius

And somehow it works out and nothing bad happens and I find relief. The exhaustion is still present; the anxiety has dissipated. And God is good because others prayed for me, when I didn't want to do it myself, and He answered them. Today's recoiling effect was redeemed by others...

A little one drew me a picture (upon my request) and I pinned it up on my filing cabinet. A mother brought me a chai tea latte from Starbucks, just because. Another mother, and a famous one at that, gave me a 2009 calendar featuring her famous photography work of her pet and model dog, Mr. Winkle . Lara Jo's work is a renowned and her style is unique and creative. It says, bold bold bold, and each image has consistent vibrancy from corner to corner. She has done some amazing work for Time, Newsweek, and Life. When she comes in, I ask her about her latest projects and she shares about them and tid bits of the constant juggling of a career and a preschooler.
I have realized, only recently, just how many incredibly talented professional artists our dance studio has within its midst. Oscar Award winner, Charlie Kaufman, is one of our studio dads. Screenwriter and producer of Eternal Sunshine for the Spotless Mind, Being John Malcovich, and Adaptation were some of the insanely incredible projects of his.

The producer of the show, Case Files, sends her daughter as do many other professional artistics. It really is a lovely location, I suppose. I don't blame them for residing here in Pasadena. Easy access to Los Angeles and Hollywood, yet with a familial simple quality to it.

It never ceases to amaze me- the artistry of others. It inspires me and at the same time, makes me feel embarrassed at my seemingly small, still yet unachieved feats. Yet there is hope there, too, and it can be incredibly humbling to be around such down-to-earth geniuses.

Sometimes, I think about how I could possibly utilize these wonderful connections, but that's not really the important thing and I forget so quickly. Here in the studio, they are just people and I love knowing them in that way. They are loving parents who are sometimes late to pick up their kids just like everyone else. They are humble patrons of the art world. And they are part our studio family. No more, no less important than any of the others. And that makes me smile.