Friday, July 25, 2008

Over Again

I tend to listen to a new CD discovery over and over and over for quite some time. I don't need variation. I just want to get to know the music. And it takes me so long to memorize anything, which means that repetition is the only way I'll ever be able to sing along. And I listen and listen and start to sing parts of verses or choruses and eventually feel acquainted (for the most part). Then, I'll discover and new CD and the same pattern ensues.

Right now, every time I get into my car, I flip on A Fine Frenzy's album, Once Cell in the Sea. I'm particularly partial to Almost Lover and Rangers. A taste:

and the rangers stream out of their cabins
they are the hunters, we are the rabbits
but maybe we don’t want to be found
maybe we don’t want to be found

Now that's merely a tid-bit excerpt of the Rangers song, but I don't want to spoil the beauty of the song and you really should hear it anyways.