Tuesday, July 8, 2008

All I can think of is sleep for some reason.

Relief has washed over yesterday's thoughts, but the issues remain as pavement beneath rain. Stephanie was a great help and I appreciate her sacrifice of sleep in NY to listen and talk with me. Her advice was sound and when we said, "Goodnight," I no longer had those uneasy nerve-ish vibrations in the pit of my stomach.

After many words and thoughts, I see that he and I have begun to understand each other on this subject. And I have been put to ease in knowing that this isn't a dead end. Knowing that it's only the beginning makes me a little overwhelmed and a little tired, but mostly relieved.

This week will be so full. At AMD, we're counting down the days before the big dance recital and trying to cram in all the "To Do"s in the three short days left before the tech cue-to-cue & dress rehearsals on Friday. Yesterday's 11-hour workday was jam-packed and there wasn't a slow moment to be had.

Somehow in the midst of this week, I must tie up the lose ends for my vacation up north, which begins Sunday. There's laundry, packing, coordinating with my little "brother," Jonathan, and scheduling prospective student tours for him to check out the undergraduate program at the Academy of Art when I take him to San Francisco at the end of our vacation in NorCal.

There's Game Night tonight, photography to edit for a new Mommy & Me Dance Program website I've been hired to be a part of, photography to edit for the Bar Mitzvah last weekend, and bills to pay before I head out. Not to mention my room, in which clothes-receipts-mail has been piling up.

And all I can think of is sleep for some reason.

*Painting: Cloud Dance by Rick Jamison


Jason Pestell said...

This picture of the clouds in the sky over a small landscape is very beautiful. I thought so when I first saw it a couple weeks ago and I agree with my previous assessment :)