Monday, July 7, 2008


It's as if I've suddenly been rebirthed and I peering around me, I'm unsure of everything. There is the uneasy feeling that I've seen all this before and the sense of dejavu swirls around without any clarification of some far gone memory no matter how much I squint my eyes.

I feel afraid and insecure- with the realization that I really am so unready. And the thought foremost in my mind is of the need to resolve this issue and understand whether or not this is a big enough issue to cause separation and retreat.

I've had a picture of what my future will be (for some time now, and of course with the knowledge that it could always change). The picture seems to be faltering, reminding me of an earthquake in which things you took for granted crash to the floor and cracks form in the previously secure ground.

And I don't even know how to approach this.


Jason Pestell said...

With prayer, with trust in Him, and with further advice whether taken joyfully or regretfully at the time because that is part of a deepened relationship - sharing your thoughts even if they do not appear to take shape immediately in the recipient.