Friday, June 27, 2008

Secret to Remembering

Waiting is tiresome. Tiresome and uncomfortable. Sometimes, not so much. I've been thinking about what I want. How typical and shortsighted. I should know better... and I do.

Waiting is a good thing, despite it's seemingly inconvenient interruption. It requires me to think about other things. There is space to remember that I am not the world. And there is time to hear or recognize a reminder that I have a call to submission and obedience. To humility and trust. To sacrifice and care for others. To concentrate on the pursuit of Christ and understanding authentic discipleship.

When I am required to wait for that which I yearn for most, I find that there is something special about the process (sometimes realized now, sometimes in retrospect), but only when I identify it thusly. Unfortunately, I write this one day and forget the next. What is the secret to remembering?


Jason Pestell said...

I know not the secret. I know that there are many reminders, however. Beautiful pictures such as this remind me of my fortunate existence in such a wonderfully crafted world, which along with its Creator is far greater than I. Fires close to home with neighbors scared and running frantic also serve as a great reminder of a number of things, not least of which is the service of others.