Thursday, June 12, 2008

It's Not All About the Mouse

Well, no luck with the mouse yet. I set a trap, but this morning when I opened my closet, it was still empty. I learned an important lesson, for best mouse-catching results, it is important to read the directions. So, I did. And I found out that for best results, peanut butter is recommended. It's scent is easier to be picked up by rodents. So, I went to the refridgerator, but I was unable to locate any peanut butter (of course, I don't have any). I settled for almond butter. The directions recommended putting some on a cracker, placing it in the trap (oh- and it's a live mouse trap, by the way, that doesn't kill the poor mousie), and then smearing a bit of the peanut butter on the doorway of the trap to lure it in. So, I did this with the almond butter, placed two traps in my closet, and barricaded the mouse in again. I'm really hoping to return home this afternoon to a closet with a mouse in a trap. Of course, if not, I won't get tooo disappointed because mice are nocturnal, so it might be sleeping.

I had a horrible dream last night. The world was supposedly ending and my old choir school director, Mrs. Kattenhorn, was having all of us (who were at some camp) write some sort of letters. I refused to do it, I know I had a good reason, but I don't remember it now. I wrote a letter to Jason, but did not say what I had been directed to write. Instead, I wrote to him how scared I was and how much I missed him. Then, the scene changed and my family and I were squashed into the back seat of my car (I don't know who was driving) and we were trying to get out of town. There were riots and a guy shooting some other guy right in front of us on the street. People were running up to cars and shooting into the windows. I told my family to get down and they wouldn't listen to me. I was so frustrated. Then, I remembered that my car was almost out of gasoline so we would have to get out of the car in the midst of the madness. I was such a terrifying dream and I woke myself up and my chest was all tight and constricted and I was so relieved it was only a dream.

I wish I didn't have to do this photography shoot tonight. I really need a break. Yesterday, was SO long. The day was full of work, a ridiculously long line at Walmart (to get the mouse traps), and starving until 9:00 at night to have my lunch (yes, lunch). I cannot wait until I can go home tonight and relax.



Jason Pestell said...

I am sorry, my Love, that you have not had much of rest throughout the last few days with long work days, followed by a crazy Wal-mart trip and a non-violence war against a cloth-chewing mousie, while obtaining little rest due to apocalyptic/war-torn events. I love you, and hope that you will find rest soon in the arms of God.