Wednesday, June 11, 2008

My Very First Mouse Guest

Dinner with my parents and B was nice. Interesting conversations and a strawberry topped Belgian waffle. I gave my parents a lovely card and made BB look like a bad daughter. It was great. ;)

Time with Jodi was wonderful. We didn't intend to talk as late as we did, but staying up until past 1:00am was so worth it. I love Jodi so dearly and it was so great to share together. Quality time with Jodi is the best, man. Seriously. I miss her in my daily life. I wish we were still roommates.

Jodi saw a baby mouse run into my closet! We barricaded it inside! I checked this morning and it definitely tried to chew through the old towel we jammed under the door and tore up a bit of the carpet in that corner trying to get out. Debbie is going to get a mouse trap (the kind that doesn't kill the mouse) and put it in when she gets home from her exam this afternoon. I won't be home until 8:00pm or so, and will hopefully come home to find our little friend trapped. I don't want it getting into my shoes and clothes. Mice aren't gross to me. I think they're cute. That doesn't mean, however, that I want them in my house. Rats, on the otherhand... Well, I'm glad it's a mouse- and a baby mouse at that. If some little critter is in my house, I much rather it be a mouse.

Tomorrow I'm photography a graduation party for David Bauer. Should be fun... and exhausting.

Meanwhile, Jon and Victorya are back from their honeymoon in Jamaica! Lucky dogs.