Friday, June 13, 2008


I learned something about 8th graders at last night's photo shoot. When in junior highers are put together in large number, they become crazy. I have reason to believe they many of them are crazy all the time. There were a few non-crazies and they were my favorite. They were still fun, but could be smart at the same time ...

... I was talking about this with Jonathan and Casey at Classic Coffee this morning, while they made my chai tea latte. Jonathan said that when boys accumulate, their IQ drops and they'll do all kinds of crazy/stupid things they would ordinarily do. He also had something to say about girls. When girls accumulate, their overall volume increases. I must say, I find this incredibly accurate. Now, I've seen the opposite in individuals in both circumstances, but for the most part, I think that's hilariously true. Good grief, why is this so?

All this to say, the evening was exhausting. (And, I am very thankful to be past junior high and all the drama that goes along with it.)

[Note: The mouse continues to elude me. I'm now convinced it escaped my closet (and probably on that first night). So, the plan has shifted and now I have two traps set. One in my room and one in the kitchen. This little adventure is beginning to annoy me and I really want to mouse caught and sent back to its home (outside of my condo!).]