Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Today, is my parent's 30th wedding anniversary. I am proud of them. BB and I are taking them out to dinner tonight to celebrate. Rumor has it my dad is going to take my mom away for the weekend, something I don't think they've done since I was in junior high. I'm so proud of them. God knows they've had two very hard lives and so much pain.

Some projects I've been (or supposed to be) working on include: Designing & ordering my new business cards, learning more about web design & HTML code, and designing & uploading my new website. Stephen volunteered to help me with my new website (he's the one who encouraged me to by a domain). Hopefully, he can help me out before he leaves for Seattle. So much to do, my friends.

There is good news to share about my current occupation (well, one of them). Apphia has agreed to my working for the Academy full-time beginning August 1st, a pay raise, and health benefits. She also has agreed to the work schedule I proposed, allowing me two nights a week free of later hours. This is incredible news. I keep thinking all this is a sign. Thing after thing after thing keeps happening that has directed me to staying at the Academy and not pursuing work elsewhere. I'm happy.

Jodi is in the area tonight and will be spending the night at my condo. My first official guest! I have the lower bunk set up for her and am hoping I'll find time today to clean the bathroom, but who knows if that will happen? It's been a long time since we spent quality time together and it's long overdue-ness has been weighing on me. I miss that girl when I don't see her. She is a wonder and a love.

An aquaintance of mine was a bridesmaid in a wedding recently and the bride picked the most beautiful bridesmaid dresses. Of course, my curiosity provoked me to sign online and check out some companies that make bridesmaid dresses. Ooooh, there were such beautiful dresses (and some way ugly ones, too)! I found a couple that really caught my eye and then was embarrassed because I shouldn't be looking yet. All in good time, Kimberly, all in good time. It's kind of impossible not to think about wedding stuff when all my friends seem to be getting engaged or hitched and I am well aware of the fact that in the next year and a half or so, it could actually be me.

Good 'ol David Bauer has offered me some more photography opportunities. I'll photographing a graduation party at a hoity-toity country club on Thursday and a high school graduation on Saturday. He offered me another job, but I'm unavailable. Working for him, I don't get paid what I typically charge for my work, but I'm really thankful for the extra opportunities. His venues are providing me with more experience as well as some extra cash, which is always a treat. Should be a busy weekend.

My "little brother" Jonathan, is graduating high school next year. He is interested in studying art and attending an art school. He seems to have his eye on the Academy of Art in San Francisco and asked me if I'd like to take him on a road trip to see the school! I have plans to make it into a week-long vacation to visit Jason as well and I'm hoping it will work out. If he can't go that week, there isn't really another opportunity for my getting off work for a while. So, I'll be going regardless, but I'd really love to show him the school and get the chance for quality Jonny-boy time. He has a very dear place in my heart.

It's been a while since a good, old fashioned update post.