Friday, May 9, 2008

Tisk (Happy) Tisk

Good morning.

And it is a good morning (especially because it is Friday morning and it is the last work day of the week). I have more energy than expected simply because I know it's Friday and I'm almost done with this 51 1/2-hour work week.

The pie is continuing to spread delight and joy. Brittany keeps dipping her pointer finger into the whipped cream and I expect it might just go faster than the pie itself.

I'm listening to a lovely song by Igrid Michaelson entitled "The Chain". Have a listen and tell me what you think. I do so enjoy her music. It is quite poetic and her voice is very isolated, which is lovely because her voice is so clear and peaceful and truly beautiful. Her songs are original, with words that are raw in a sweet sort of way, and an intimate feel as if the listener were a dear friend.

I'm working on my ideas. Of course, they're all in my head as of now. But, they are in there and sometimes they even swirl around and I know they're impatient to be acted upon. I hope they understand they'll have to wait for a while.

Countdown: 12 Days Until I See My Love.